Frequently Asked Questions


What should I do if I get a Parking Charge Notice?

Details of how to pay and what to do next will be shown on the Parking Charge Notice. If you ignore the notice you will lose the option to pay at the reduced rate. If no payment is made then the scale of charges escalates with extra charges for administration fees, Debt Collection Agency fees, court cost and bailiffs fees.


What action will happen if I fail to pay the Parking Charge Notice?

Failure to pay your Parking Charge Notice will result in action taken under the relevant civil legislation to recover the charge.

Do not ignore a Parking Charge Notice - it will not go away!

Please remember it is your responsibility to ensure payment is received within the specified time period.


How can I pay a Parking Charge Notice?

Pay online now – www.payptl.co.uk or telephone 0844 848 0814

Other details of how to pay and what to do next will be shown on the Parking Charge Notice. Always include details of the Parking Charge Notice number and your address with any payment. Please write the Parking Charge Notice number and your address on the reverse of any cheque/postal order payment. Please note that if you require a receipt, you will need to send a stamped self-addressed envelope with your payment.


How much does a Parking Charge Notice cost?

This clearly displayed on the PCN normally £100.00, which is reduced to £60.00 if the notice is paid within 14 days of issue. If no payment is received after 28 days the scale of charges escalates with extra charges for administration fees, debt recovery agency fees, court cost and bailiffs fees (applicable where appropriate enforcement action is taken). Click here to view County Court Judgements


I am a blue badge holder, do I have to pay?

Yes. The blue badge scheme privileges are for parking on-street only and are not applicable on private land. A booklet is supplied with every blue badge giving details of correct usage.


How do I make an appeal against a Parking Charge Notice?

Appeal online now –  www.ptlappeals.co.uk

If you wish to make an appeal you should do so within 14 days of receiving the Parking Charge Notice if you want to preserve the right to pay at the discount rate. State your case clearly and simply in writing. If you have evidence to support your claim such as receipts or witness statements, send these in. (we recommend that you always send copies only and hold on to the originals). You will receive a written response within 14 days of the receipt of your appeal, either accepting or rejecting your appeal. If you have written within 14 days of receiving the Parking Charge Notice and we reject your appeal, you will be offered the chance to pay at the discounted rate for a further 14 days. As of 1st October 2012 you will have the right to a fully Independent Appeals Service, POPLA, you must Appeal to us first and should we reject your Appeal we will then forward the documentation and relevant code for you to submit an appeal to POPLA visit here www.popla.co.uk

Examples of appeals that will NOT be accepted

a) I did not see the signs

b) The parking restrictions were unfair

c) The vehicle was only parked for a short time

d) The vehicle was not causing an obstruction

e) There was nowhere else to park

f) I have a permit but did not display it

g) My blue disabled badge allows me to park anywhere I like

h) There were hardly any other cars in the car park

i) The permit fell off the windscreen

j) I did not realise that my permit had expired

k) I am not from this area and am unfamiliar with the signs


Can I come to your office to discuss my appeal?

No. Challenges to the issuing of a Parking Charge Notice can only be dealt with online or formally in writing, as it is a legal matter. You will receive a written response within 14 days.


I was not the owner at the time the alleged parking contravention occurred

If you make representations on this ground, please supply the name and address of the person to whom the vehicle was disposed of (or from whom it was acquired, as the case may be). The law requires that the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority are kept informed about the current keeper. If you sell a vehicle and fail to complete the relevant part of the vehicle registration document ('log book') you may receive Parking Charge Notice arising out of actions from the new owner


When the vehicle was parked it had been taken without my consent.

This ground for representation covers stolen vehicles and vehicles used without the owner's consent but which were not stolen. The latter category could apply, for example, to a vehicle taken by "joy riders". You will normally be expected to supply us with a Crime Reference Number if you use this ground for representations.


We are the vehicle's hire firm/finance company

This representation covers hire vehicles where the hirer has signed a formal agreement accepting liability for any Notices issued during the period of hire. You will be expected to supply details of the hirer's name and address, ideally along with a copy of the signed hire agreement.


I've been contacted by the Debt Collection Agency. Can I dispute the Parking Charge Notice now?

No, it's too late. Please speak directly to the Debt Collection Agency.


I have received a court order but want to dispute the Parking Charge Notice now. Can I do this?

No. Please read the court papers carefully. You can make a statutory declaration if the grounds shown in the court papers apply. This may enable you to have the opportunity of presenting your case. You can't make a declaration if none of the grounds apply.


I've been contacted by the Bailiffs. Can I dispute the Parking Charge Notice now?

No, it's too late. Please speak directly to the bailiff, seek legal advice or contact the Citizens Advice Bureau. You can also ask your local County Court to assess the charges if you think they are excessive, but you may have to pay for this.


Can I pay the Parking Attendant for the PCN?

No. Enforcement officers will not be allowed to accept payment and are under strict instructions that once a ticket has been issued it cannot be withdrawn


How can I pay for the Parking Charge Notice?

i) Pay online now click here www.payptl.co.uk

ii) by telephone using credit or debit card, call 0844 848 0814    24 hours

iii) by post, by cheque or postal order (Do not send cash or credit\debit card data)


What happens if I dispute the PCN?

You should not ignore the PCN, if you do the amount due may increase. Instructions on what to do will be shown on the PCN. You should write to the address on the PCN explaining your reasons for dispute. If you appeal within the time limit stipulated you will have a further opportunity to pay at the reduced rate.


What happens if I lose my appeal but refuse to pay?

If you lose your appeal you must pay the PCN. If you refuse, the amount of the PCN may increase and legal action may be taken to recover the amount of money due